Items to Sell in a Convenience Store

Items to Sell in a Convenience Store
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Convenience stores are one-stop shops for on-the-go items. They serve late-night consumers, drivers and people in isolated areas where there are few retailers. Convenience stores carry snack food, drinks, magazines and a variety of other items designed to appeal to both locals and people heading back on the road. Many also carry grocery staples for those just looking for a quick quart of milk on the way home. Inventory will vary somewhat depending on location and ownership.


Grocery products are a core component of convenience store inventory. This usually does not include fresh food, although many stores will stock bread products. Standard items include prepackaged food, including ready-to-eat meals, pantry items, and baking supplies. Meat and deli items are also stocked.


This includes the full range of dairy products, such as milk, yogurt and cheeses. It's a lot easier for a local to run to a convenience store for milk than it is to plow through the aisles of the local supermarket. Ice cream, both in snack size and family size, may be particularly promoted during the hot summer months.

Soft Drinks and Snacks

Convenience stores have a substantial stock of junk food, including soda, potato chips, ready-to-serve popcorn, chocolate bars, candy and even fresh pastries. Alberta's Business Link, citing the Convenience Store Journal, states that a breakdown of overall store inventory might include 12 percent soft drinks, 7 percent cookies and snacks; 5 percent frozen snacks and 3 percent candy. The same reference recommends 26 percent for grocery items.

Magazines and Non-food Items

Many convenience stores have a wide selection of magazines. They will also commonly stock automotive supplies, particularly if the store is connected to a gas station. Motor oil, wiper fluid and anti-freeze are all likely to be in stock. Stores in vacation areas may also stock camping items such as propane tanks and barbecue supplies.

Health and Beauty

Common health and beauty items in convenience stores are everyday toiletries, such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste as well as household paper and cleaning products. Most shops will sell these both in regular-sized containers and travel size to accommodate the full range of shoppers. In addition, many stock over-the-counter medications, such as aspirin, cough drops and antacids.

Tobacco and Lottery

Tobacco items, including cigarettes and rolling papers, are usually regulated products that are sold only upon request of the staff behind the counter. These and lottery tickets are an expected part of convenience store inventory.