How to Issue a Chargeback

A chargeback is a refund process used by banks and credit card companies at the request and behalf of a customer. Typically, issuing a chargeback is a last resort for a customer to use if a merchant refuses or fails to provide a specific item, service or voluntary refund. Disputing unauthorized or fraudulent charges would also warrant a customer's request to initiate a chargeback. Before attempting to issue a chargeback on a merchant, it is important to prepare your case and reasoning as to why the chargeback should occur.

Gather any evidence needed to substantiate your claim for a refund. Evidence may include receipts, return shipping confirmations, pictures or correspondence.

Contact the business that issued the charges to your card. Ask the company to issue a refund for products or services that you failed to receive or for any unauthorized or fraudulent charges.

Explain to the business that you are prepared to initiate the chargeback process if the problem is not resolved in a timely manner. In addition to your credit card or banking institution reversing the charges, heavy fees may be imposed at the business' expense, which may convince the business to agree to resolve the problem.

Contact your credit card company or financial institution and request a chargeback, if the business in question fails to provide an agreeable solution.

Ask the customer service representative about the financial institution's chargeback policy.

Explain the situation in detail and provide any supporting evidence needed to prove your claim. Provide specifics, such as transaction dates, and amounts. For disputes related to substandard or inadequate vehicle repairs, construction projects, etc., obtain a written second opinion from an expert in the same field and provide the documentation to the financial institution. (ref#1,2)

Work quickly to expedite the dispute, as many financial institutions may have time frame restrictions in which you can dispute charges. Dispute any rebuttals provided by the company in writing.(ref#1,2)

Wait for a dispute determination from the credit card or bank. The wait time involved in resolving a dispute and to have the charges reversed may vary, depending upon your particular credit card company or financial institution. (ref#1,2)