How to Invest in Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care is not the same as emergency care, however, most hospitals have both services available due to the high return on investment. Investing in those hospitals with urgent-care centers requires focused investment research. The Internet provides all the tools needed to develop a working list of well-capitalized hospitals with growing urgent-care facilities.

Go to Yahoo! Finance. Go to the health-care industry by clicking on "Industry" and looking for "Health Care."

Sort the list by market capitalization. Market capitalization is the share price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding. This tells you which stocks are widely held.

Take the top 10 most widely held stocks and read through the annual reports. Search for the phrase "urgent care" within the document to speed your research. Note the revenue and growth of these facilities. Also read news releases to find out if additional investments are planned for urgent-care facilities.

Pick three companies from your list that have urgent-care facilities. Note the ticker symbol, stock price, 52-week range and the dates of the high and lows. Use charting tools available on most research websites to determine an ideal entry point to purchase the stock.

Contact your financial adviser or investment agent to make a purchase. Once your price reaches an ideal level, make a purchase. Continue to monitor company progress by researching annual reports, 10Ks and quarterly conference calls.