How to Invest in the Rogers International Commodity Index

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The Rogers International Commodity Index is a composite, U.S. dollar-based index that tracks the performance of 376 commodities on 12 exchanges. The Rogers International Commodity Index was compiled in 1997 by Jim Rogers, a financial commentator who started the famous Quantum Fund together with George Soros in the 1970s. You can invest in the RICI by buying an exchange-traded fund that tracks this index.

Determine the region where you'd like to buy a Rogers International Commodity Index-linked ETF. As of the spring of 2014, they are listed on 12 exchanges in five countries, the index's website explains.

Determine the ETF that tracks the Rogers International Commodity Index in your region.


Open a trading account with a broker that trades RICI-linked ETFs available in your region, and buy the shares. ETF shares are liquid financial instruments, so you shouldn't find it difficult to sell them if you wish to do so.



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