How to Invest in the Danish Stock Market

How to Invest in the Danish Stock Market. The Danish stock market operates out of Copenhagen and forms part of the OMX network. Investors in major Danish companies work through the Copenhagen exchange to invest in the Northern European economy. Your interest in the Danish stock market should lead you to invest wisely and maintain a multitiered portfolio.

Research American brokerages that are members of the Copenhagen Exchange. Several dozen brokerages in the United States have been long-term members of the Danish stock market. These brokers have presence on the stock market floor, allowing you to move your investments quickly.

Attach conditions when you invest money in the Danish stock market. The Copenhagen Exchange allows you to establish a maximum price for purchasing shares, a minimum share for selling shares and a preordained time for transactions. These conditions are ideal on the SAXESS trading system because of delays for overseas investors.

Post collateral with your broker or bank when you are trading futures and options on the Copenhagen Exchange. The rules of the Exchange require investors to provide stocks, money or property to protect the bank from speculative ventures like derivatives.

Read through the customer agreement that your broker provides to you for Danish stock trades. While the market in Copenhagen follows international trade rules, foreign investors must follow specific banking and commerce rules in Denmark.

Magnify the power of your Danish portfolio by using the Nordic Exchange through OMX. This exchange connects investors through Copenhagen to markets in Scandinavian and Baltic countries in an instant.

Increase the security of your overseas portfolio by purchasing Danish government bonds. These bonds guarantee a return from the issuing bodies, which include Danish cities, the federal government and major corporations looking for financial backing.

Take advantage of the burgeoning Northern European technology market through the KVX index in Copenhagen. This index includes dozens of medical technology, software and other high-tech ventures that have demonstrated strong growth over the last few years. Utilize the KVX and other indexes only after you have developed an understanding of the Copenhagen Exchange.


  • Assess the time delay between information transmitted online or on television and activity in the Danish stock market. Online brokers and financiers track Danish stock trades with at least a 15-minute delay. Unless you utilize stock conditions, consider trading stocks more conservatively due to this delay.