How to Invest in Coca Cola Stocks

How to Invest in Coca Cola Stocks

Coca Cola is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Coca Cola manufactures and bottles soft drinks, bottled water, iced teas and juices. In its history, the Coca Cola company has attempted to keep its stock affordable The company has split its stock more than 10 times according to Coca Cola. The splits result in doubled or tripled shares for existing stock holders, while bringing the price down enough for others to be able to purchase it. The Coca Cola company does not sell its shares directly to the public.

Find a local stockbroker or sign up for a stock trading company online. Set up an account with your name, contact information and your social security number. Place an order to buy Coca Cola stock.

Buy only one stock of Coca Cola using or This is the alternative to setting up an account at a brokerage which may charge high fees (see Resources below).

Enroll in after you have purchased at least one stock of Coca Cola that is held in your name. With, you can buy more stocks the company and enroll in the dividend and cash investment plan (see Resources below).

Save money on transaction fees, brokerage fees and administration fees by using Coca Cola carries the cost of most of those items for investors in the dividend and cash investment plan.

Plan on making future purchases before the first of the month, when Compushare makes its purchases. The dividends from Coca Cola are paid quarterly, and on the first of the month in April, July, October and December.


  • The stock symbol for Cola Cola is "KO."


  • Do not confuse the other Coca Cola public companies with the main company traded on the New York Stock Exchange.