Instructions for a W-2G

Instructions for a W-2G
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The IRS W-2G form reports gambling winnings and federal income tax withholdings on the winnings. The IRS requires that you provide a copy of the W-2G form to each person paid $600 or more in horse and dog racing, lotteries, wagering pools and sweepstakes; $1,200 or more in bingo, slot machines and keno; and $5,000 or more in poker tournaments. Non-cash winnings, such as a cars and vacations are also reported on the W-2G form.

Start on the left side of the form and enter the payer's name, street address, city, state, zip code, Federal ID number and telephone number in the required fields. Enter the winner's name, street address, city, state and zip code in the designated fields.

Locate Box 1 and enter payments of $600 or more for all winnings except those from poker tournaments, bingo, keno and slot machines. Poker winnings of $5,000 or more are also reported as well as bingo, keno and slot machine winnings more than $1,200.

Enter federal income tax withheld for regular or backup gambling withholding in Box 2. Locate Box 3 and enter the type of wager, such as big triple or daily double. Enter the actual date of the winning event (race or game) in Box 4.

Locate Box 5 and enter the name of the tournament for poker. Enter the ticket or card number, machine serial number or any information to identify the winning transaction for slot machines, keno and bingo winnings. Enter the ticket number or identifying number for state lottery winnings. Omit Box 5 for horse and dog racing and any other wagering transactions.

Go to Box 6 and enter the race of the winning ticket for horse or dog racing. Box 6 is not applicable for all other winnings. Locate Box 7 and enter the amount of additional winnings for horse and dog racing as well as other wagering transactions. Omit Box 7 for all other categories.

Enter the window or cashier number that made the winning payment in Box 8 for horse and dog racing and other wagering transactions. For bingo, keno and slot machine winnings enter the initials of the person paying the winnings in Box 8. Omit Box 8 for all other categories.

Complete Box 9 for all types of gambling. Locate Box 9 and enter the tax identification number (TIN) or Social Security number of the person receiving the winnings. Locate Box 10 and enter the location of the person paying the winnings for bingo, keno and slot machines, and the cashier or window number making the winning payment for racing and other wagering transactions.

Locate Boxes 11 and 12 and enter the identification number from two forms of identification for verification. Valid forms of identification include a driver's license, voter registration card, state identification card or Social Security card. Populate these boxes for all categories.

Enter the abbreviated name of the state of your identification number in Box 13 and the amount of state income tax withheld in Box 14. Both boxes are optional and not required for all categories.

Sign and date the W-2G form.