How to Install Turbo Tax on Computers

How to Install Turbo Tax on Computers
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Turbo Tax is a tax preparation program that allows you to control your tax returns without having to go through an accountant. Turbo Tax guides you through the process by asking questions about your expenses, bills and jobs throughout the last year to derive the best return for you. Turbo Tax offers free federal returns online through its website, but you can also purchase the Turbo Tax software to have it at home. It can automatically update, you can have your tax details saved to your hard drive, and offers more in-depth options than the online version. Once you have your software, you simply have to install the files onto your computer, and then you are on your way possibly to your maximum tax refund.

Close all programs on your computer.

Insert the Turbo Tax disc into your CD drive. The CD will be automatically recognized and start the installation process.

Click “Next” when the opening screen appears.

View the “License User Agreement” and hit “Agree.”

Select “Automatic” when asked “How Do You Want to Get Updates?” The automatic setting will allow Turbo Tax to access the Internet to download updates.

Choose where you want the program to be installed. Turbo Tax has a default folder to be installed to, but you can change the destination. Click “Next” after you set the location.

Select “Install” to initialize the copying of Turbo Tax files from the disc to your computer. When this step is complete, Turbo Tax will be available for immediate use.