How to Install a Credit Card Machine

Installing the credit card machine is easier than most people think. The machine is hooked up to a phone line and can be used as a credit card machine for purchases or as a way for people to receive money like from an ATM machine. The convenience is for the customers, but allows the businesses to do business in more ways than just with cash transactions.

How to Install a Credit Card Machine

Setting up the credit card machine will require a phone line. This can be a dedicated line or work off a current phone line. If the credit card machine works off a business line, it will tie up the phone line up while the transaction is going through. Plug the power cord into a standard electrical receptacle.

Insert paper roll in the back of the credit card machine and thread into the machine. Hold down the paper feed button until the paper appears. It is very important to use the paper that the credit card machine requires. The transaction is printed with a laser instead of ink.

Set up the credit card machine with the bank. Call the bank and set up the account according to their directions. It is important to follow all the steps that they give. This will ensure that the machine is set to the owner of the business. A pin number will be given to enter after everything is complete.

Enter the pin number and a screen will display that the pin number has been accepted. The credit card machine will then be ready for operation.

Test the machine with a private debit or credit card. This only has to be a small amount. The credit card machine should take the card number and ask for the last four digits of the card number as conformation. Enter the amount of the transaction and press enter. If the transaction is approved a slip will print out for the credit card holders signature. Then it will ask if a receipt is needed. If everything goes smoothly, the credit card machine is correctly set up.


  • Make sure the phone line is open to finalize the transaction if using a shared phone connection.


  • If problems arise with the machine, call the bank immediately to correct the problem.