Inspection Checklist for Rental Property

A checklist for rental property protects both the property owner and the renter. The checklist should be completed both at move-in, to ensure that any existing damage or needed repairs are noted so the renter will not be held responsible for those listed, and at move-out, to note damages that can be assessed to the renter. This article lists the major areas that need to be inspected for a checklist for rental property.


Check the condition of all windows in the house; note cracks in the glass, whether the locks are tight-fitting and the condition of the screens.


Inspect and turn on all appliances to determine if they are functioning properly. Also note if they are old or new and if they have any scratches or dents.


Inspect and test electrical outlets to see if they are functioning and to ensure covers are without defect and secured tightly over the outlets.


Run the water through all faucets, including bathrooms, kitchen and exterior spigots. Check interior for properly hot and cold water.


Carefully inspect the interior and exterior structure for cracks or damage to walls and doors, walkways and driveway and floors.


Test all keys and locks to ensure all keys fit properly in appropriate locks. Ideally, keys and locks will be newly installed for new tenants.