Income Requirements for Food Stamps in Indiana

by Theresa Bruno
If you can't afford food, Indiana's food stamp program may help.

Hard times happen. A job loss, catastrophic medical bills or a disability can make it difficult to feed your family. Luckily, Indiana participates in the federally funded food stamp program that gives aid to needy families. Indiana state residents, who are searching for employment or are needing additional training or education and meet certain income limits, may qualify for food stamps.

Asset/Resource Limit

According to the Indiana Family and Social Services website, as of July 2010, applicants can't have more than $2,000 worth of assets. Households, however, which have a person over 60 or a disabled person receiving government benefits, have a $3,000 dollar limit. An applicant's house and surrounding property, personal items and life insurance policies don't count as assets.

Gross Income Requirements

All applicants must pass the gross income test, except if a member of the household is over 60 or disabled. Gross income (income before taxes and other allowable deductions) can't exceed 130 percent of the federal poverty level. For example, a family of four's monthly gross income can't exceed $2,389 dollars a month, as of July 2010.

Net Income Requirements

All applicants must pass the net income (income after allowable deductions) test. Medical care, child support payments, rent, utilities and child care expenses are all applicable deductions. A family of four with a net income of less than $1,838 dollars a month, as of July 2010, may qualify for food stamps if other criteria are met.

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