Income Guidelines for Oregon Health Plan

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The federal Affordable Care Act allows expansion of the Oregon Health Plan (OHP), the state's health coverage program for low-income, uninsured residents. This also means that several of the state's private health partnerships, including the Healthy Kids, Oregon Medical Insurance Pool and Family Health Insurance Assistance Program, no longer exist as of December 31, 2013. People formerly covered under those partnerships are now eligible for the OHP.

Income Limits

Oregon residents earning up to 138 percent of Federal Poverty Level guidelines are eligible for the OHP. As of 2014, that's approximately $16,100 annually for single individuals and up to $32,900 annually for families of four. Oregonians previously registered for the now-defunct private health partnerships received "fast-track" enrollment, as the state already had their benefit information. Newly qualified residents must apply through the state's "Cover Oregon" program.


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