Income Guidelines for the California Healthy Families Program

by Katlyn Joy ; Updated July 27, 2017

The California Healthy Families program provides very low-cost health coverage, including dental and vision, to uninsured children in working families. The program is for children under 19 who haven't been covered by employer-sponsored health insurance in the past three months, and who aren't eligible for free Medi-Cal or public aid insurance. Children must be California residents who meet citizenship or immigration rules. A family's income and size determines whether children are eligible.

Who Can Apply

Parents, stepparents, foster parents, legal guardians or relatives who care for a child can apply for insurance. The child must be living in their home.

A minor who has children and lives with her parents can apply for her own children. If she doesn't live with other family members, she can apply for herself and her children.

Someone who is 18 years old can apply for his own insurance if he meets income requirements.

Income Considered

Only the income of the child's parents will be considered in determining if a child is eligible for Healthy Families. The income of other adults living with a child--legal guardians, stepparents, foster parent and caretaker relative--is not considered.

Applicants can't count income from Social Security, SSI, foster care payments. CalWORKS, general relief payments, educational grants or scholarships, college work study jobs, loans, some government benefit payments, or the earnings of a child under 14 or a child who attends school.

Income Guidelines

Eligibility is determined by the age of the child, the number of people in the child's family, and family's monthly income. The income guidelines are updated every April.

Selected income guidelines for children up to age 1, or women who are pregnant are: Family of two: $1,806 to $2,257 Family of four: $3,676 to $4,594 Family of six: $4,923 to $6,153

Selected income guidelines for children ages 1-5 are: Family of two: $1,616 to $3,036 Family of four: $2,445 to $4,594 Family of six: $3,274 to $6,153

Selected income guidelines for children ages 6-18 are: Family of two: $1,216 to $3,036 Family of four: $1,839 to $4,594 Family of six: $2,462 to $6,153

Annual renewal required

Each year, families in the Healthy Families program must verify their current family size and income. If their income has increased beyond the program's limits, they are no longer eligible. If their income has fallen below the guidelines, they may be eligible for the state's free Medi-Cal coverage.

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