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During hard times, many people may need assistance to make ends meet until circumstances improve. If you live in Illinois, contact your local public aid office, also known as the Department of Human Services. There are several ways to finding DHS offices. Once there, you can apply for the help you need or get information on other services.

Open an Internet browser and go to the State of Illinois DHS website ( Scroll to the bottom of the DHS homepage and find the "DHS Office Locator" tab. If you are unsure of the services you need, choose the county in which you live from the drop-down menu. Click "Find Offices" to see a list of local offices, each including a map and a set of directions.

Open an online map program or directory and type in "Illinois Department of Human Services," and the town in which you live. This will show your closest public aid office on the map.

Dial 800-843-6154 or 211 for information on local DHS offices. These numbers are automated. You will often face a long wait if you must speak to a person.

Check your local phone book for the special section on government services, often located in the front. If it is not in the front of the phone book, look under "G" for "Government." Looking under "Department of Human Services" usually directs you to the government pages.


  • Most Illinois social service offices, such as charities or churches, have the address and contact information for local public aid offices.


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