How to Identify a Visa Merchant

When making a Visa credit card purchase, it is important to know if the store or vender accepts the credit card. Although more widely accepted than cards such as American Express or Discover, some merchants to not allow you to pay with Visa, or any credit card at all. So before you whip out the plastic, it is a good idea to know exactly how you are allowed to pay for the products.

Go to the company's website (if it has one). The site most likely displays the kinds of payment options they accept. If you can purchase products from the site, select an item and move through the payment process until you reach the billing information. Here it state the forms of payments. If Visa is on there you know the merchant accepts it.

Look at the store window or door when walking up to the store. Typically a store displays the payment options on the front door, with a Visa logo sticker present if it's accepted.

Inspect the front of the cash register. There is sometimes a Visa sticker on the front of the machine.

Look at the billfold you receive your bill in (when dining at a restaurant) and inspect it for a Visa logo. The billfold sometimes displays the logo of a credit card company.

Ask an individual who works at the store. He can easily tell you if the merchant accepts a Visa credit card.