How to Identify a Property Owner

How to Identify a Property Owner
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People have the ability to find and identify a property owner whom they desire to reach. Though you may not locate every land or building owner via the Internet, you can find the majority of people whom you want to identify either online or with the assistance of county employees. If you have the data you need such as the parcel number and street address of the real property, you can identify a person who owns it easily.

Write down the name of the person about whom you want to find more information. Note that not all counties allow users to search for data such as property-record information via the Internet. You may have to place a call or take a trip to the tax assessor's office in your county to gather this data. When you call or visit, tell the employee the address of the property and ask for the name of the owner.

Pay for a private investigator to find the information for you. You will have to pay a flat rate or hourly fee for her services.

Obtain a list of homes that the person whom you want to locate owns. Normally, you have the capability to view a copy of a deed or other ownership document that allows you to identify a property owner.