How to File Missouri State Taxes for Free

by Bradley James Bryant ; Updated April 19, 2017
Filing Missouri State Taxes for Free.

If you live in Missouri, you can get your taxes prepared and filed for free. The Missouri Department of Revenue contracted with some tax-preparation software providers to give online services to taxpayers who qualify. Known as the Free File Alliance, the agreement provides details on each plan in the program.

Step 1

Go to the Electronic Filing page,, on the Missouri Department of Revenue website. Click on the link for "Free Online Filing of Federal and State Income Tax Returns through the Free File Alliance."

Step 2

Compare eligible providers. Important questions when comparing tax-preparation providers: Is the entire fee paid? How long has the organization been in operation? Are there income requirements? Are you active in the military?

Step 3

Review Intuit. Intuit has been allowing Missouri residents to file state income-tax returns for free since 2004. To meet eligibility, residents must qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, have earned $31,000 or less or have served active duty in the military. You must access Intuit and all the providers through a link on the Missouri Department of Revenue website to receive a rebate.

Step 4

Consider, which allows you to prepare your state return for free if your income is $20,000 or less.

Step 5

Consider If your household income is less than $57,000, you are younger than 25, you are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit or are active in the military, you can use services for free.

Step 6

Choose a provider and follow the instructions. You will need your W-2 and previous year's tax return. If you don't know which form to fill out, use the Tax Form Selector on the Missouri Department of Revenue website. Once you've completed the return, you can submit it directly online.

Items you will need

  • Tax form W-2
  • Adjusted gross income information from previous year's tax return
  • Social Security number

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