How to Compare Property Taxes by County

by Contributor ; Updated April 19, 2017

How to Compare Property Taxes by County. If you're thinking of moving within your state but are not quite sure which county to move to, knowing the property taxes in each county may be helpful in making your decision. Here's how to go about finding the county property taxes in your state to make in order to make such comparisons.

Step 1

Visit your state's tax and finance website. If you're lucky, your state has a section on its site that allows you to find information property tax information for each county. If you're not so lucky, do a little more investigating.

Step 2

Call your state's department of taxation and finance. If you can't locate the information you're looking for from the Internet, get on the phone. Call and ask if it has a comprehensive list containing property tax information by county. It may be able to either send you document or provide you with phone numbers/websites to assist you in your search.

Step 3

Obtain a list of the counties in your state. By having a list of all of the counties in your state, it can help to organize your property tax search. Whether you use the computer or old-fashioned paper, organizing it in one place can make the task easier.

Step 4

Contact each county in your state. Whether you visit the website or call, each county can provide you property tax information for its jurisdiction.

Step 5

Compare the taxes for each county. Once you have found the property tax rate for each county and have an updated list, compare the tax rates.


  • The amount of work entailed varies from state to state. Some states have all of the information readily available online while others don't. Comparing property taxes by county may take a little legwork.