How to Sell Your Electrical Ballast

How to Sell Your Electrical Ballast
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An electrical ballast is a device that regulates the amount of current that flows through a circuit. They are often used with fluorescent lighting. If you find yourself with an unneeded used ballast that is still in proper working condition, then selling it is an effective way to earn some quick money. There are two main ways to go about advertising and selling your ballast, both of which should be relatively simple for most people.

Determine the price you want to sell your electrical ballast for. A good way to determine a fair price is to aim for approximately 30 to 50 percent below the original retail value of the product.

Clean your electrical ballast off completely so that there is no dust or other debris on it. It's important to only sell products that are appealing to the eye and in good condition.

Take a picture of your used electrical ballast with a digital camera. This will make it much easier to advertise, because most people like to visibly see a product before potentially making a purchase.

Post the picture of your ballast, along with a brief description of the brand and model, in an online classified ad. You can often do this by contacting your local newspaper and placing your ad on their website. Leave either your email address, phone number or both so that you can be easily reached by prospective buyers.

Sell your ballast to an electrical equipment supply recycling company. This is an efficient way to help the environment while making some quick money. There is more information located in the resource box below.

Post your product onto an auction website. You will need to create an account if you have not already done so and fill out your contact information so that you can be reached. Again you will need to place your picture along with a description.

Respond to all inquiries about your ballast. If a customer is in your area, then you can meet him and sell your product directly. If he lives elsewhere, then you will need to ship the product. The shipping costs are typically covered by the buyer.


  • You can also ask friends, family, neighbors and co-workers if they or anyone they know would like to buy your ballast.


  • To ensure your safety, always meet in a public place if you are selling directly.