How to Sell Golf Carts

How to Sell Golf Carts
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When you are thinking about upgrading your golf cart, or if it is simply a bit worse for wear, you may be able to make good money selling your old golf cart. There are a number of methods of doing this, with varying degrees of difficulty with regards to reaching an audience and shipping the product.

Advertise the golf cart on an online auction site. The largest online auction site is well known and doesn’t need mentioned by name, but there are other options as well. This will expose the cart to a wide audience and you could get an excellent price as a bidding war heats up.

Take out an ad in your local newspaper or sports publication. This is an effective way to reach people in your local area. This option could allow you to get a good price, without the shipping headaches.

Sell your golf cart using a specialized site such as Golf Car Classifieds or Fairway Golf Carts Online to gain maximum exposure to an audience who is interested in your product.

Visit your nearest golf club and see if you can drum up interest there. Many of the players may be interested in a second-hand golf cart for a good price and, again, you don’t need to worry about shipping.