How to Retrieve a Home Depot Receipt


  • You cannot retrieve a copy of a Home Depot receipt if you paid in cash.

When you purchase an item at the local Home Depot you are issued a receipt for your purchase. If you ever need to return that item you will need your receipt in order to process the transaction. If you have lost your receipt, don't worry. Home Depot stores its receipts in an intricate computer system which can be used to retrieve it in just a few minutes.

Visit the Home Depot where you originally purchased your item. To get a copy of a Home Depot receipt you must return to the location where that receipt was originally issued.

Go to the customer service desk at the Home Depot location you have visited, located at the front of the store.

Wait in line until it is your turn to speak with a customer service representative. Inform the representative that you would like a copy of your receipt. Give him the credit or debit card used to originally make your purchase, the date of the original purchase or an approximation and what items were on the receipt. The customer service representative will print out a copy of your receipt.