How to Replace Aetna Card

Aetna provides health insurance options to a wide range of people including individuals, employees and students. Each Aetna member receives a card to use as a reference to that member’s specific Aetna account. Aetna provides medical and dental membership cards. When you lose your medical or dental Aetna card, Aetna also provides members with two ways to get a replacement. Order the card through Aetna customer service by phone or online.

Order By Phone

Go to the Aetna "Member Services" Web page.

Click the “Medical” or “Dental” on the title bar, or the white plus sign with the orange background icon at the end of the bar, to open up the contact information screen that matches the type of card that you need.

Call the number provided on the screen and ask an Aetna representative for assistance with ordering a replacement card. Provide the Aetna Member identification number or Social Security number for the member whose card you're replacing -- you, your spouse or dependent such as a child -- and your contact information when requested.

Wait for your card to arrive or for an Aetna representative to contact you requesting additional information.

Order Online

Navigate to the Aetna "Request a New ID Card" Web page.

Enter the name -- last name, first name and middle initial -- that Aetna has on file for the member whose card you’re replacing.

Pick the birth month and day for the member in the drop down fields provided and then enter the four-digit birth year.

Provide the member identification number or Social Security number and then select the type of card – “Medical” or “Dental” – from the drop-down menu.

Select the option for replacement cards for all of your family members or for specific people and then click "Continue."

Fill out your contact information -- email, address and daytime phone number -- on the page that opens and click “Continue” again. If you’re requesting cards for specific people, enter each person’s name and Member ID or Social Security number, enter your information and then click “Continue."

Read the disclaimer about Aetna Internet submissions and then click the “Proceed” button to complete your request.

Wait for your card to arrive or for an Aetna representative to call requesting additional details.


  • If you selected a new doctor or dentist through Aetna, don’t worry about ordering a new card – Aetna will automatically send a card to you.