How to Replace a Medicaid Card

The Medicaid program is administered at the state level, usually by the health and human services department. As a result, requests for a replacement Medicaid card are handled by the states. Although procedure can vary based on location, replacement requests often can be made in person, by phone or online.

Request via Telephone

The most common way to ask for a Medicaid card replacement is to phone in your request. Call your state's health and human services department. If you have an old card in your possession, you'll find this number on the front or back of the card. You also can obtain the phone number from the department's website, usually on the "Contact Us" page. Since card replacement requests are common, many states make it possible to order your card through the phone's automated system. For example, in Texas, you would call (855) 827-3748, select your language preference, enter your Medicaid identification number and request a replacement card after verifying your identity. If you don't know your Medicaid ID, select the option to speak with a customer service representative and request the card from her.

Make an Online Request

Many states also make it possible to order a replacement card online. Go to the Medicaid page of your state's health and human services' website. If you don't immediately see this section, try typing in "Medicaid replacement card" in the search box and click search. The first or second link in the search results likely will be the page you're looking for. Next, fill in the information required. For example, on New York City's website, you select the reason you're requesting a replacement card from the drop-down menu labeled "Details." Your choices include lost, stolen and damaged. Next, you enter your Social Security number. If you don't know it, click "I don't know it" icon and move to the next section. If the card is for your unborn child, click "Request is for an unborn child" icon. Next, click the right arrow key at the bottom of the page to to submit your request. Although formats can differ between websites, the information requested by each is similar.

Print Replacement Card

Some states make your card available online. For example, in Texas, you would log into your Medicaid account via the state's Your Texas Benefits page and select "Print Copy of Card" from the selection menu. By replacing your card this way, you won't have to wait for it to arrive in the mail. However, your computer must have an attached printer to take advantage of this service.

In Person Request

You can also visit your local social services agency and submit your request in person. If you don't know where the office is located, call the customer service number on your old Medicaid card if you still have it. A customer service representative can provide you with this information based on your address. You also can look up locations online by visiting your state's health and human services website or