How to Replace a Lost Blue Cross Card

Whether you have been a victim of theft or you have simply misplaced your Blue Cross card, you will need to find it to prove your medical coverage for services. It is also imperative that you act quickly, because the card may be found by someone who would attempt to use it for their own medical care. You can cancel your current card and request that a new one be sent to your home by contacting your state's Blue Cross company.

Visit the official site for Blue Cross and Blue Shield at and click on "BCBS Company Listing" to determine which company you should contact.

Click on the company name in your state to be directed to the appropriate website.

Click on the tab for "My Blue Cross" at the top of the page and follow the instructions to register for the feature. If there is no such tab for your state's website, click on the "register" button near the login form on the homepage.

Log into your "My Blue Cross" account and click on the link for "replacement cards."

Fill out the required information on the online submission form or call the company directly to request a replacement by telephone. To contact the company by phone, click the "Contact Us" link at the very top of the page.


  • Request duplicate cards. Keep one in your purse or wallet and another in a file drawer at home.


  • Always alert your insurance company of a lost or stolen card. This will help protect you and the company from health care insurance fraud.