How to Recycle Plastic for Money in San Antonio, Texas

How to Recycle Plastic for Money in San Antonio, Texas
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San Antonio, Texas, has a contract with Greenstar to handle recyclable plastic. The city accepts plastic numbered 1 through 7 and imprinted with the recycle emblem for its recycling program. If you have a plastic recycling center, contact a private company that specializes in buying scrap plastic. Arrange to sell your collected plastic recyclables to the recycling center. The amount of money received for recyclable plastic depends on the quality and quantity of the plastic.

Contact companies specializing in buying recycled plastic in Texas. Ask if the company services the San Antonio area. See if the plastic must be delivered or if they provide pick up service. Some companies only work with recycling centers that want to sell plastic.

Describe the plastic you are selling. You make more money supplying the plastic that is in demand. The company can decide if they are interested.

Make an appointment and gather all your plastic. The more highly recyclable pieces, the more money you are paid. Plastics numbered 1-6 are highly reusable. Found in a triangle on the bottom of the piece, the number tells you what materials are found in the plastic.

Weigh your plastic. Know how much plastic you are presenting so you are not cheated out of money. The buyer also weighs the plastic. After inspecting and weighing the plastic, the buyer tells you an amount he is willing to pay.

Accept payment. Depending on the arrangement, leave your plastic with the buyer or load buyer transport to have it hauled away.