How to Read My Home Depot Receipt

How to Read My Home Depot Receipt
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  • Keep your Home Depot receipt handy when leaving the store. Security personnel will often ask to see it to check your purchases against the items in your bag or cart.


  • Save your receipt for returns. Without a Home Depot receipt your returned item will only be eligible for exchange or store credit.

Home Depot receipts are filled with information from top to bottom and serve the double function of customer proof of purchase and in-store security reference. The receipt outlines the specifics of your purchase, your payment details, return and exchange policy details and deadlines, employment opportunities and contest listings. Reading your Home Depot receipt requires a line-by-line breakdown and a little knowledge of the codes and abbreviations involved.

Read the top section of your Home Depot receipt to find the number of the Home Depot store where the purchases were made. Below this you will find the address and telephone number to the store. The 14-digit code located beneath the store address contains the store number followed by the purchase number for that particular store in that particular year. For instance if the number reads: "1246 00000 00117" then you made the 117th purchase in store 1246 in the current year. The date of the transaction follows. The transaction type and the cashier's abbreviated name, cashier number and cash register station are listed on the next line followed by the time of the transaction.

Look below the Home Depot logo for the items purchased listed by SKU number and abbreviated descriptions which are sometimes but not always discernible. In the right-hand column next to the descriptions are the retail prices for each item. At the bottom of the items list are the "Subtotal", "Sales Tax", "Tax Exempt" and "Total" lines where the corresponding amounts are listed. The method of payment is listed next along with the last four digits of your credit card number the type of card used if this was your method.

Locate the authorization code and letter markings in the following line. This code identifies the credit card transaction as approved by the credit card machine vendor. If you are making a purchase for a licensed business or contractor with a Home Depot business account the Purchase Order Number or Job Name will be listed on the next line along with a three-letter code signifying the business account name.

Locate the bar code which Home Depot uses to pull up your purchase and make any adjustments, returns or exchanges in the future. The lines beneath the bar code explain the applicable return policy for your purchase, the amount of days you have to return the items and the expiration date of the return option. A disclaimer is listed just below this information which declares the Home Depot's right to "limit or deny any returns". The remainder of this policy is displayed in-store or online.

Read the employment listing and instructions for details on how to apply for work with the Home Depot. Read the following online contest and survey solicitation in English or Spanish and the website where you can enter. The necessary User ID and Password to use during your survey is listed in large type below. Contest terms and conditions end the receipt information page.