How to Put Your Business Name on Your Car

How to Put Your Business Name on Your Car
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One way to get your company's name out in front of the public is to splash it across your car. This provides the benefit of constant circulation in different parts of your community. Your car acts as a moving billboard that can be driven on busy streets and through crowded parking lots. Try to use a short, memorable brand or slogan that viewers will easily remember. Signs are easily designed and can be professionally administered to create an effective advertisement.

Determine the type of method you will use to put your business name on your car. The simplest way is to print bumper stickers. Most print shops can provide this service. Simply send them your logo and catch phrase and they will print the stickers for you. However, vehicle wraps are far more eye-catching and make a better advertisement.

Take a picture of your car and note the placement of gas caps, door handles, mirrors and any other protruding object. Consider any areas of rust or plastic where it will be hard to stick your wrap. Choose where to place the business name on your car. Typical locations include the side doors, hood, window or bumper.

Measure each preferred location with a tape measure. Leave at least five inches from the space between where your design will be and any edge of the car. If your advertisement fits, you can place it on all of the locations.

Upload your logo, business name and message into design software such as Adobe Illustrator. Input the measurements of your car to match the size of the layout. If you do not have experience or a bit of computer savvy, it might be wise to hire a professional computer designer for this job.

Print the resulting image on vinyl at a vehicle wrap company or specialty printing shop. Be sure to confirm that the image will be easy to read and understand with your print shop.

Lay out each piece like a jigsaw puzzle and press it onto the car. The images will bleed onto the car and leave a permanent imprint. Each section will be printed according to how it will be placed on the vehicle. Use perforated vinyl for images that will go on windows so that you can see through them. Your business will now be primed for great visibility in your community.


  • Choose bright, visually engaging images that will be easy to spot.