How to Prove Renter's Insurance

by Louise Balle ; Updated September 29, 2017

Some landlords require you to prove that you have a renter's insurance policy before you can sign a lease and move in. In most cases, the landlord is not responsible for damage or loss to the renter's personal property in case of an unexpected incident; the landlord only covers damage to the building. The renter's insurance policy reimburses the tenant for personal items—you can open a policy with just about any major insurance company. Provide proof to your landlord in one of a few simple ways.

Step 1

Call your insurance company directly and ask for a representative to fax a copy of your declarations page, which contains an overview of your policy, or a note on the insurance company's letterhead to the landlord as proof that you have renter's insurance.

Step 2

Call your landlord and initiate a three-way call with your insurance company. Ask the representative to confirm your renter's insurance coverage details over the phone so the landlord can verify this information.

Step 3

For non-urgent matters, wait for your renter's insurance policy information to arrive in the mail. Make a copy of the declarations page, and bring it to your landlord in person.

Step 4

Register and log in to your insurance account online (if the company offers this option) and download your policy information. Email, fax or print a copy of your policy overview to give to your landlord.


  • Ask your landlord directly about his preferred method of receiving your proof of renter's insurance when (or before) you sign the lease so you can save time and trouble.

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