How to Price an Enclosed Cargo Trailer

How to Price an Enclosed Cargo Trailer
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If you have an enclosed cargo trailer you are trying to sell or just trying to get an accurate idea of the value of the trailer, the Internet becomes your friend. In addition to the Internet, your location, local economy and the condition of your trailer play key roles in trying to arrive at a fair value or price for your cargo trailer. Make sure the title and license plates are current to add value to the price of the trailer.

Take the trailer to a mechanic to inspect the axles, wiring and tow arm. Get a certified document from the mechanic giving the professional opinion on the condition of the trailer. Ask the mechanic what he believes the trailer value to be.

Direct an internet browser to sites such as NADA to find approximate values for the trailer. Enter the condition, make model and year of the trailer to find similar trailers and their prices. Use the mechanic's appraisal for the condition of the trailer when entering the information. For example, if the mechanic believes the trailer to be in "fair" condition, enter that in the appropriate search field.

Check local Pennysavers or local classified newspapers for trailer prices and use this as a guide for your trailer, particularly if selling and pricing locally. Be wary of pricing according to out of town values. For example, the trailer value may be $1000 in the midwest but only $500 in large cities such as Los Angeles or Seattle. Price according to the location unless you are opening the sale to a larger area.

Check the title and license plates to see if everything is current or if the potential buyer needs to pay for old tickets or liens. If liens or tickets are outstanding on the trailer, reduce the price accordingly. A good rules is to price it so the cost of getting it street legal is equal to the trailer value. For example, if the trailer is worth $1000, but it will take an additional $150 to make it street legal, price it at $850.