How to Obtain Lists of Pharmaceutical Reps

How to Obtain Lists of Pharmaceutical Reps
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Doctors, hospitals and pharmacies use a system to keep track of pharmacy representatives. This can be a database or some form of record keeping that contains contact information. You can find lists through professional magazines and associations, networking with other pharmacy professionals and on the Internet.

Navigate your browser to the SK&A Pharmacy Mailing List website (See Resources). This is a service provider that offers a list of more than 100,000 pharmacy representatives. Fill out the information boxes to the right of the Web page. The requested information includes contact information, e-mail, the state you are working in, pharmacy title, location and type of service. Add any comments and then click "Get Quote Now." You will receive further information and the opportunity to request free reports with information pertaining to pharmaceutical representative lists.

Go to NAPRx (National Association of Pharmaceutical Representatives) website on the Internet (See Resources). NAPRx is a website dedicated to the trade association for pharmaceutical representatives. Comprehensive information is provided on different fields of pharmaceutical reps, magazines, memberships, news and company contacts. Sign in to the "Membership Area" to the left of the screen to utilize this service.

Visit the Rep Association website (See Resources). This will show you a national directory of regional professional sales rep associations. This list is not comprehensive, but it does provide an excellent resource to obtain pharmaceutical representative lists. You can subscribe to this site by clicking the "Subscribe Now" button to the left or you can scroll through their lists of representatives to create your list. They provide the name, address, contact information, phone number and e-mails. The list is divided by state to make your search easier.