How to Negotiate With a Motorcycle Dealer for the Best Price

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When purchasing a new vehicle, either a minivan or a motorcycle, it is always important to negotiate the price with the dealership. Negotiating for just a few minutes and knowing the facts about the motorcycle can end up saving you a few thousand dollars in the end. This can drastically reduce the amount of your monthly payment and how much you end up paying for the vehicle in the end.

Look up the motorcycle online from the factory site to see what the actual cost of the vehicle is. This is a good figure to know, otherwise you are not going to know how much to negotiate.

Wait for the motorcycle dealer to name the first price. Typically, the individual who names the first price ends up with the raw end of the deal. This way you can know how much they want out of you, above the actual cost of the motorcycle.

Let the dealer ask about your bottom line, but don't answer every question. Never state how much money you intend to pay on the motorcycle. If this is a greater value than the bike the dealer is going to find a way to charge you the price.

Walk away from the deal if you are not getting the price you want. Motorcycle dealerships do not want to lose your business and simply threatening to walk out can help them lower the price.

Start negotiating well below what you know the motorcycle is worth. This gives you enough room to haggle for a good deal. The dealership is going to start with a price much higher so end the end you may just end up right on the actual value of the vehicle.

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