How to Figure Out Dealer Invoice Pricing for Motorcycles

Buying a new motorcycle is a big investment and when you undertake this process, you want to save as much money as possible. One way to save money is to go into the purchasing process armed with as much information as possible. Knowing the invoice price of the motorcycle can help you during the negotiation. The invoice price is the amount the dealer paid for the motorcycle.

Kelley Blue Book

Obtain a copy of the Official Motorcycle Guide of the Kelley Blue Book. You can purchase a copy of the book or you can find it at your local library.

Turn to the back of the book and find the "Loan Codes" section.

Look for the manufacturer of the motorcycle that you want to purchase.

Online Resources

Access an online resource that provides motorcycle invoice prices. For example, the CycleCost website provides invoice prices on many of the various motorcycle manufacturers in the industry. You could also go to CycleBuy to order a report for specific motorcycles. (See References.)

Navigate to the motorcycle manufacturer that you are looking for. For example, on the CycleCost website, click on the Suzuki tab if you want to find out the invoice price for a Suzuki motorcycle.

Click on the individual motorcycle model and then click on the type of motorcycle you are interested in. For example, you would need to click on "Street Bikes" for a specific year. You will then see all of the street bikes that are sold by Suzuki.

Check the box next to the motorcycle that you want to find out the invoice price for. You will then need to buy the report to get access to the information you want.