How to Make $1,000 a Day Online

How to Make $1,000 a Day Online
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It's the rare website owner or blog that earns $1,000 a day or more, but by building multiple sources of income, you can increase your earnings over time. Your key strategies will involve online advertising, selling products of your own or selling products for others and taking a cut of each sale. With persistence, creativity and attention to detail, you may eventually hit your $1,000-a-day goal.

Take Stock of What You Have to Offer

Your online presence is competing with approximately a gazillion other sites for the attention of web surfers, so you have to give potential visitors a compelling reason to want to visit your page. If you're incredibly funny, a humorous site may be your best online vehicle. If you have superior technical skills, create an online help desk. Someone with an eye for beauty might consider a site devoted to art, photography or stunning videos. The trick is to find a niche that isn't already well-served by existing blogs or websites, and continually build your site to add new, fresh content.

Earn Income Through Advertising

Websites are essentially billboards – other people will pay you to place an advertisement on your site. The most widely used advertising program is Google Adsense, which is responsible for many of the banner and box ads you see on the Internet. There are many other advertising systems you can use in addition, or as an alternative, to Adsense. You can also negotiate directly with businesses that want to post ads on your site. If you run a website specific to a particular neighborhood or city, for example, restaurants in the area may be interested in buying space on your site to advertise.

Sell Your Wares

The web is a place of business, so if you have something to sell, get to it. You can offer services – such as technical help, essay writing or graphic design – or sell physical products, whether it's a book you wrote, a painting you created or clothing you've designed. Most web-hosting services offer e-commerce packages you can use to make your site user-friendly to potential customers and accept payments through credit cards and PayPal.

Become an Affiliate

Nothing of your own to sell? No worries. Join an affiliate service, and choose from thousands of products you can post to your site. The Amazon affiliate program, for example, lets you link to many of the products sold on Amazon and sell them through your site by posting product descriptions and photos. For each product sold, you get a cut of the action.

Build Your Traffic

Sales and advertising along with affiliate links will bring you a little income if you have a little site traffic, but can earn big bucks if you have a big audience. Continue to add new and fresh content to your site. Build out the number of pages. Launch outreach through newsletters, press releases, advertising, social media and through your network of personal and professional acquaintances. You will need, literally, millions of visitors to your site to consistently earn $1,000 a day or more.

Look for Other Opportunities to Earn

Your own website isn't the only opportunity for online earning. The are many services you can join that will pay you for online work. To name just a few: writing blog and article content, computer programming, doing graphic design, becoming a virtual assistant, and transcribing notes. These can readily add to your online income and become substantial earning sources in their own right.