How to Get Cheap Four Wheelers Under 600 Dollars

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Those looking for a new ATV will be happy to know that it's very possible to get cheap four wheelers under 600 dollars in a number of places, and ways. I'm not just talking about an old, nasty, beat up atv, but nice quality atv's as well. If you want to ride the trails, and enjoy the outdoors, but don't have a wallet fat enough for an expensive quad, here's how you can find cheap four wheelers under 600 dollars.

Step 1

Look for a new Chinese atv. You will find plenty of cheap four wheelers under 600 dollars if you stick with the Chinese quad manufacturers. Not only will you find kid quads, but you can also find adult ones as well. Even with the off brands, cheap four wheelers under 600 dollars will generally be limited to youth models, and minis for adults. There is some chance of finding an adult atv for this price, though, so don't give up if a full sized atv is what you want. Check on online sales sites, auction sites (with details for improving your chances in the next step), and even local off brand sellers. You will find plenty of cheap four wheelers under 600 dollars this way, without any problem.

Step 2

Search on online auctions, using a little different method for cheap four wheelers under 600 dollars. To pull this off, you will have a couple options. 1) Look for misspelled words. Many people will misspell the makes and models of the quad, so there is much less competition. Try looking for a Yomaha atv, and other misspelled ways, and you'll find results with less bids. 2) Snipe. Wait until the last minute and then make your bid. If you can coordinate the bidding, you'll have a great chance of getting cheap four wheelers under 600 dollars. Look up sniping today.

Step 3

Get cheap four wheelers under 600 dollars by searching for used ones. You won't necessarily have to get a beat up model. You can occasionally find decent Blasters, and older four trax atv's in good condition for this price. To improve your chances of gettting one of the nice cheap four wheelers under 600 dollars, you will want to search for models that are in the late 80's, or in some cases early 90's, at least with the adult models. If you are looking for a youth atv, you will have a better chance of locating them at this price level. When you find the quad you want, follow the step below to make sure the price is right.

Step 4

Haggle on price, with cash to get cheap four wheelers under 600 dollars. With the poor economy, many folks are unloading their unneeded toys. This gives you a really good chance to make a lowball offer, with cash, and get it accepted. Don't be afraid to haggle on price, especially when you have cash in hand. Money talks when you are trying to get cheap four wheelers under 600 dollars. You will be surprised at how much many people are willing to come down from their asking price.

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