How to Get a Copy of Army Discharge Papers

Having access to your Army discharge papers will allow you to provide proper verification when requesting special financial services. People who served in the military, prior to 2001, may be eligible for an increased Social Security benefit. Applying for Social Security benefits or for a Veteran's Administration home loan are just two of many reasons for having your army discharge papers readily available. While the process for obtaining your discharge papers is an easy task, you may have to wait six months to have your request fulfilled.

Download and Install Adobe Reader on your computer, if needed (see resources). The required form needed to make your Army discharge documentation request comes in PDF format and requires the use of Adobe Reader.

Download the Standard Form 180 from the National Archives And Records Administration's website (see Resources). The form will automatically appear within your computer's web browser, after the download completes.

Read the instruction sheet on the first page carefully. Fill in the required fields located on the second page.

Click on the "Print" icon located on the top-left corner of the web page. You can also save the completed form to your computer by pressing the "Save" icon.

Review the printed form for errors. As indicated on the worksheet, mail the form to the appropriate address listed on the third page with a stamped envelope.



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