How to Get a Copy of a CPR Certification Card

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or CPR, is a produce used to revive a dying patient when they stop breathing and their heart stops beating. The CPR procedure is performed manually using chest compressions while offering rescue breathing; in professional medical situations CPR can include electrical shocks used in an effort to "jump start" the patient's heart. CPR must always be performed by a trained and certified individual, and the American Red Cross offers certification courses that instruct participants on the appropriate response in emergency situations. Once you finish CPR certification course, you receive a certificate documenting the completion as well as a wallet-sized card that identifies you as CPR certified. If this card is misplaced, you can get a copy easily.

Use the American Red Cross chapter, location and date where you completed the CPR Certification course. Note the instructor's name if possible.

Contact the chapter where the CPR training was completed. Find the chapter's contact information at (see Resources) using the zip code.

Provide the information you gathered in Step 1 to assist the chapter in locating your name and training date in the database.

Request the duplicate CPR Certification Card and/or Certificate. Expect to pay $10 to $20 for the replacement copy.

Request a duplicate CPR Certification Card or Certificate by downloading a form online at (see Resources).

Fill out the form completely. Provide the name of the course (for example, CPR Certification, First Aid or Lifeguard Training), the location where the training was held, the instructor's name and date of completion.

Mail the form and a payment of $20 to the American Red Cross Headquarters in Washington, D.C. The address is provided on the form and website.


  • If the American Red Cross chapter cannot locate your file, contact the main customer service department at their Headquarters Office. To request a duplicate CPR card or any other assistance, use this phone number: 1.877.REDCROSS ext. 2222.

    If you are in need of recertification and are confident in your abilities, you can simply challenge the course. Challenging the course involves a simple written exam and demonstration of skills: participation in the instructional workshops is not necessary if you can successful satisfy the challenge requirements.


  • CPR certification cards and certificates expire after one year from the date of completing the training course. If more time has passed than the one year validation, you will to retake the training course to be recertified.