How to Find Someone's Place of Birth

How to Find Someone's Place of Birth
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There are many reasons why someone would want to find someone's place of birth. With the use of internet databases and office records, you can search for that answer locally or around the world, all within the comforts of your own home. As databases and resources become more advanced and plentiful, with the right amount of information and a little bit of luck, the search for someone's place of birth could be easier than you think.


Write down all the information you know about the person whose place of birth you are trying to find. The more information you know about the person, the easier your search will be.

Pinpoint a starting location if you know the country or state of where the person was born. Many states have online databases and office locations with birth records.

Use third-party online resources such as to search for birth records of deceased or living persons.

Call hospitals or state vital records offices to see if they may have the records or know where to obtain them. Although staff and employees might not have the authorization to provide you with tangible documents, they can provide other information that will narrow your search.

Make an appointment or request birth certificate information from the state's Bureau of Vital Statistics. Since the bureaus have all the birth records on file, if you know the state the person was born in, you may contact them via telephone or in person for information.