How to Find Out Prescription Drug Costs Before Paying

Prescription drug prices can be high. Unfortunately, the prices of these drugs are not usually readily available unless you know how to find them. If you have a prescription for a drug and would like to know the price before you purchase or fill your prescription, it can be done with a few steps.

Contact your insurance company. If you are using insurance to cover the cost of the prescription drug medication, your insurance should be able to assist you with figuring out how much it will cost before you fill the prescription. Many insurance companies have a set copay for generic medications, which is cheaper than the copay for brand-name medication.

Ask the pharmacist how much the prescription drug will cost you before you fill the prescription. Whether you are using insurance or not, it is your right to know how much the drug will cost before you decide to fill the prescription. Simply ask a pharmacist and they will be able to assist you.

Shop around online for the best prices on prescription drugs. Many online pharmacies allow customers to fill prescriptions online with or without insurance. For example, gives consumers the option to fill, refill or transfer prescriptions online and have them delivered to their home. By shopping around on various online pharmacies, you can find out the prices before you pay and decide which price (and pharmacy) is the best for you.


  • Be careful when ordering prescription drugs online; not all online drug stores are trustworthy or reputable.


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