How to Find Grants for Individuals

Money for individual assistance for many different reasons is out there. You just have to go out and find it. There are many places to look for it also: from local charitable programs that help pay heating bills in the winter time, to federally funded student financial aid programs. Some foundations grant individuals with assistance, based on need and other factors, but most do not. There are many scholarships available for student applications, and some for small business assistance. The bulk of your efforts, when finding a grant that you may qualify for, are research-based. You will have to dig through some amount of information before finding a grant you will qualify to receive.

Finding Grants

Determine the reasons you are seeking grant assistance. The reasons will help you to narrow your search for applicable grants. For example, if you are a student who could use financial assistance to study abroad, you will look in different places for assistance than someone who needs help funding a small business.

Search for grants you may qualify for. There are many grant databases on the Internet that are geared towards connecting the money with the individual who needs it. Search these databases extensively for anything you can qualify for.

Visit your local library or bookstore to see what they have available, not only for helping you to find grant money, but also for helping you to write a grant application/proposal successfully. There are many books out there written for this purpose.

After finding one or more grants to apply for, begin writing your grant application/proposal. Each grant application will be different because each money source wants different information to be formatted in different ways. If you have no experience in writing grant applications, enlist the services of a professional grant writer.

Submit the grant application(s) and wait to hear from the granting organization. You may receive a letter in the mail, or an e-mail, notifying you that your application was received and is being reviewed. Retain the letter and use the contact information provided on it to contact the granting organization.

Follow acceptance protocols set by the granting organization to accept the grant money when you are awarded a grant. It is always a good idea to send the granting organization a thank-you card when you are selected to receive money.


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