How to Find Assisted Living Facilities That Accept Medicaid

Assisted living facilities are essential for healthy senior citizens who wish to maintain their independence, with the added security of knowing that help is readily available, if needed. Medicaid is a federal- and state-funded program that caters to low-income seniors who otherwise would not be able to afford assisted living. Each state follows separate guidelines for Medicaid entitlements. Funds are limited, and not every state offers this benefit, so you might have to search around to locate communities that accept Medicaid payments.

How to Find Assisted Living Facilities That Accept Medicaid

Search the Internet using the keywords listed below as a starting point. See the informative links listed under References and Resources for additional guidance and tips. For those with limited computer access or computer knowledge, proceed to the next steps.

Call or visit the nearest Medicaid office and find out if they have a list of local assisted living communities covered by Medicaid. The telephone number and address should be listed in your phone directory under "state government" (for example, "Louisiana State Of..."). A list of toll-free numbers, broken down by state, is included in the Resources section.

Call 2-1-1 to get connected with someone who can aid you in your search. 2-1-1 is a nationwide help line operated by the United Way that provides information and referrals to family health and human services organizations/programs.


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