How to Find a Medicare Number

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The Social Security Act of 1964 established the Social Security Administration (SSA) which oversees Medicare, a health provider for individuals age 65 and older or under age 65 with certain disabilities. Locating a Medicare number is necessary for obtaining a replacement card and verifying benefits.

Look at your social security card. Your social security number is the first part of your Medicare number for part A and B benefits. The second part is the letter A or B, depending on which benefit you are needing the number for. Part A is inpatient hospital benefits and Part B is outpatient medical benefits. For example, if your social security number is 111-22-3333, then your Medicare number for Part A benefits is 111-22-3333-A. If you do not have a social security card or your Medicare card, contact your local SSA office for a list of documents required for obtaining a replacement card.

Contact your Medicare Advantage plan provider, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan. Provide the plan provider with your social security number, full name and date of birth, then the provider can provide you with your Medicare Advantage plan number. Medicare Advantage plans act as a supplement to Part A and B coverage.

Contact your Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage provider. This number is located on the provider's website and on many documents from the provider. You will need your date of birth, Social Security number and full name for obtaining your number.


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