How to Find a Fax Number for a Doctor's Office

There will be times when you need to fax something to your doctor's office, or your current doctor may need the fax number for your previous doctor in order to request your medical records. If you don't have the fax number for the doctor's office on hand, there are a few steps you should take to try to locate it. Sometimes, locating the fax number for a doctor's office is simple, but depending on the situation, it can require a little time and patience.

Check any paperwork or business cards you have from the doctor's office. The fax number will most likely be listed at the top of any forms you might have, and it should also be listed on a business card.

Call the doctor's office, and ask for the fax number if you have no paperwork or business cards. You'll only be able to call if you have the number for the doctor's office and if it's during regular business hours. Make sure you listen to the voice mail message carefully if no one answers. Sometimes, it will contain basic information, such as a website address or fax number.

Visit the website for the doctor's office if you have no paperwork or business cards and are unable to call. If you don't know the website address, try searching for the doctor's name or the name of the office on the Internet. Once you find a website, the fax number should be listed on the "Contact Us" page or at the top of the homepage.

Use websites online that help people find fax numbers., for example, will allow you to search for fax numbers through various other websites. SK & A Information Services, Inc. is another example of a company that helps you look up fax numbers, and their services allow you to target your search specifically to doctor's offices.

Ask your current doctor if she has the fax number for the doctor's office you're trying to find. If your current doctor needs to fax an information request to your previous doctor, she may already have the fax number on file. Doctors often see multiple patients who've been referred from the same doctors. If you can't locate the fax number yourself, ask your current doctor for assistance.