How to Find a Chelation Therapy Doctor

by Contributor ; Updated October 25, 2017

How to Find a Chelation Therapy Doctor. Finding a licensed and trained practitioner to offer chelation therapy services can be difficult. Since the AMA hasn't approved this form of treatment as of yet, they do everything in their power to keep alternative medical providers from advertising services. There are a few places and techniques you can use to locate a doctor that will help you.

Step 1

Ask at your local health food store if they know of anyone in the area that performs chelation therapy. The community of people that turn to alternative healing techniques tends to stick together and keep aware of each other. You may not find an answer in each store but in one or two you should find someone that will be helpful.

Step 2

Call or search the website of the American College for Advancement in Medicine. This organization has training and licensing programs for healthcare practitioners who want to be able to offer this type of service. They maintain a directory of their graduates and will be happy to provide you with a referral to a doctor in your area.

Step 3

Contact local chiropractors in your area and inquire about chelation therapy and providers that they are familiar with. Asking a doctor for a referral will generally get you the name of a competent and safe provider.

Step 4

Request referrals from the doctor. Getting the names and contact information from some of the doctor's patients will let you ask questions about their services and the success of the treatment. You will also be able to find out about any bad things that the patient may know or have heard about the doctor. Be diligent in your searching out a provider, just as you would in finding a new allopathic doctor.