How to File a Dental Claim to Medical Insurance

How to File a Dental Claim to Medical Insurance
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Filing a dental claim with standard medical insurance can be a hassle. Most insurance companies only offer coverage for dental emergencies leaving cleanings and general dental work out of the question unless you can afford to pay dental expenses out of your own pocket. When a dental emergency does arise, the insured must file their own personal claim with their insurance carrier.

Contact your insurance company and explain that you are in need of emergency dental assistance. Request prior authorization for treatment. This will ensure that any dental work required will be covered. Also request the insurance company's claims address for use after treatment as you will have forms to mail in.

Request a dental insurance claim form from your dentist and fill it out completely. This is required for your insurance company to submit timely payment to cover treatment.

Copy your bill or request an additional copy from the dentist office. You will need to attach the bill to your claims form before submitting it to the insurance company.

Mail your completed and signed claim form along with your bill to the claims address given by your insurance company. Make sure that you retain copies for your records.