How to Earn Supplemental Income

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Many people look for ways to earn supplemental income during an economic downturn, or simply to boost wealth or get out of debt. To earn supplemental income, you need to be creative and, sometimes, think outside the box. Taking on an extra job or creating a passive income stream will help ease your money worries.

Earn additional income by establishing your own niche website. Find a product or service that serves a niche market and sell it online. Whether it's information or a product, research your niche and know the competition. Create your website yourself with a simple website builder tool. Know the laws of your state, city and county and be sure to have the proper licenses and pay any sales tax owed.

Consider freelancing. If you have skills, such as writing, web designing, graphic designing, programming or tech support, you can earn some extra money as a freelancer. Check out websites specific to your expertise and find jobs that you can do in your spare time. Ask friends, former employers and other acquaintances if they know of anyone who needs freelance work done.

Get a second job. Find a job that works with the hours you have available. Look for jobs at schools and hospitals, rather than retail outlets and restaurants, to improve job security. Find a job that interests you but will not add undue stress to your life.

Consider tutoring. If you have experience and knowledge in a subject area, advertise your tutoring services. Target the age group that would most benefit from your particular expertise. Let local schools know you are available as a paid tutor and post advertisements at your local community colleges.

Turn your hobby into cash. If you are a hobbyist musician, mechanic, baker, landscaper or handyman, you can offer those services for hire. Be sure you know what licensing requirements are in your state as certain services may need special insurance or licenses before you can charge a fee for your services.

Find ways to build up a passive or semi-passive income stream. Look into rental businesses, like real estate, bikes or cars. You can also receive residual income from articles written and posted online at numerous content websites. If you are a photographer, offer your photos for sale on your own site or on a photo-sharing website where users pay a fee to use your photograph.

Turn the green from your garden into green for your pocket. Sell produce from your garden at a farmers market or roadside stand. You can also raise your own chickens and sell the eggs. Be sure your local ordinances allow you to raise chickens before you start.


  • Establishing a home-based business protects you against rising fuel costs and other expenses. Consider this when deciding what to do for supplemental income.


  • Do not invest money you can't afford to lose. The best supplemental income can be started for very little money, or none at all.


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