How to Earn $3000 a Month

How to Earn $3000 a Month

If you have a lost your job or you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, then this opportunity for you to earn a living online. Making $3000 online can be very challenging, but if you have the disciple it can be achieved.

Writing articles is a good way to make money online. These articles will continue to earn more and more each month

"Writing articles" Ehow and other websites that allow you to write articles and get paid for them is a good way to start. If you want to concentrate on this area alone, try and follow these basic steps. You need to first figure out what articles are going to make you the most money. These article will MUST have the best keywords. Do your research using Google keywords, or yahoo to figure what category uses the best keywords on the internet. For example, travel, kids, parenthood, money, work at home jobs are good keywords.

"Choosing the right keywords" When you decide on the keywords, write all your articles around those keywords. If you have at least 100 articles, with great keywords, you can earn $1.00 per day with each article. Earning workout Per day = 100 x 1 = 100 Per month = 100 x 30 = 3,000 Per year = 100 x 365 $36,500

The key is not to write just about just any subject or category, the key is choosing to write articles with valuable keywords. Do not just stick to writing 100 articles as it is just an example, the more article you write the greater the potential to your dream of earning $3000 per month.

Along with good keywords you need to promote your articles. Use your social networking sites such as twitter, facebook, MySpace etc, to promote your article. Remember you need to have a lot of friends within your network, so make sure to use up the daily limits of the amount of friends you can add for the day.

You can also promote your article through, when readers view your summary they are redirected back to your original article. For example if you have your article on Ehow, readers can only view the summary, so they have to return to Ehow to read the full article.