How to Donate to Habitat for Humanity

How to Donate to Habitat for Humanity. The mission of Habitat for Humanity is to build affordable housing for selected families. Participation is based on need and the willingness to contribute sweat equity, as well as the ability to pay a no-interest mortgage. Whether you donate funds, time or building tools, supporting Habitat for Humanity's non-profit, ecumenical ministry can aid affiliate efforts that have built over 200,000 houses worldwide. Read on to learn more.

Learn More About Habitat for Humanity Before You Donate

Visit, and use the zip code locator to find a Habitat for Humanity affiliate near you and learn about local homebuilding efforts (see Resources below).

Learn more about donating by reading material from the main Habitat for Humanity website (see Resources below).

Read more on charity watchdog sites, such as Guidestar.

Donate to Habitat for Humanity

Visit to find donation information.

Click "Donate Online to Habitat" to make a simple, one-time donation to Habitat for Humanity.

Click on the "Hope Builders" link if you'd prefer the consistent commitment of a monthly deduction from a credit card or a checking account.

Contact Habitat's Planned Giving department at or (800) 422-4828, extension 2253 if you wish to include a bequest in your will or some other form of planned giving.

Call Habitat's Cars for Homes™ line at (877) 277-4344 if you have a vehicle to donate.

Make Habitat for Humanity an Ongoing Part of Your Commitment

Let Habitat for Humanity know that you would like to be contacted for future homebuilding projects. Habitat for Humanity takes pride in its ability to involve its financial donors and volunteers in rolling up their sleeves for its homebuilding efforts.

Keep a file with all your Habitat for Humanity materials, documents and donation records. It will save you time when you are preparing to file your taxes, leaving you with more time and resources to assist Habitat's efforts.


  • You can also help Habitat for Humanity's mission by shopping at its online store or buying discount building materials at Habitat ReStores.


  • Building a new home requires a well-organized, well-equipped team. Once you commit your time, funds or materials, make sure you follow through. A will be family depending on you.