How to Donate Money in Memory of Someone Who Has Died

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If someone close to you has died, it can be hard to find a way to honor his memory and keep his memory alive. Donating money in memory of someone who has died is a beautiful way to honor that person’s memory, and provides money to a charity or organization that was important to him while he was alive. In addition, donating money in memory of someone who has died may help find a cure or support community efforts that may otherwise be impossible without the donation.

Determine how much money you would like to donate. Charities and other organizations appreciate any amount of money, so donate what you can afford.

Research charity organizations or organizations in your community, like a church group, to decide what organization you would like to support. For example, if the deceased individual suffered from a disease, you may consider donating money to assist research efforts to cure the disease. Alternatively, you may want to donate to a charity or organization that he enjoyed.

Contact the organization’s donation office to determine if it accepts donations by mail, by phone or online. For example, the MS Society and other charity organizations allow you to donate online, which makes the donation immediately available to the organization. Tell the organization's representative that you would like to make a donation in someone’s memory. Some organizations will list the donation in memory in a monthly magazine or other physical memento to recognize the donation.

Send in the donation by mail or complete the donation form online. Do not forget to mention that you would like to make the donation in someone’s memory. Save your receipt, because many donations are tax deductible.


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