How to Check Your VA Benefits

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The Veterans Administration has a variety of benefits for qualified veterans such as health benefits, education benefits and disability compensation. Whether you have a pending claim with the VA or you need to check what benefits you currently have available to you, the VA has a few systems in place that allow you to check benefits.

Call the VA directly and speak to a representative about VA benefits.

Education benefits 888-442-4551

All other VA benefits 800-827-1000

Send the VA a question using the Inquiry Routing and Information System (IRIS) (see Resources). IRIS allows you to send the VA a question regarding the status of a claim for benefits or ask a question about specific VA benefits.


Visit a Veterans Affairs facility to speak to a VA representative in person about VA benefits. VA facilities are in every state and the VA has an online facility locator to help you find the nearest VA facility. Call 800-827-1000 to speak with a VA representative if you need help in locating a VA facility.




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