How to Check Your Medicaid Benefits

How to Check Your Medicaid Benefits
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Medicaid program is a safety net for individuals who cannot afford health care. Medicaid is a federally funded program that provides low-income families and individuals with access to health insurance. To qualify for the Medicaid program, an individual or family must not exceed an income threshold. To apply for Medicaid, applicants should submit an application at a local human services office. Once approved for the Medicaid program, individuals can check the status of their benefits at any time.

Contact your Medicaid caseworker, whether in person or over the phone.

Ask your caseworker to check on the status of your benefits. In some cases, she may require that you visit the office to complete an authorization form.

Provide the caseworker with your Social Security number and Medicaid I.D number. The Medicaid I.D number is found on the back of your Medicaid card, next to your name.

Pick up your Medicaid benefit status report at your local Human Services office or wait for it to arrive in the mail within 7 to 10 days. In some cases, the caseworker will inform you of your status over the phone or in person, if it's readily available.


  • If you do not have your caseworker&#039;s number, call your local Human Services office and give the receptionist your caseload number. The caseload number is located on the front of your medical card. The receptionist will provide you with your caseworker&rsquo;s contact information.